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About Micheal: 

Micheal Foulk is comedian, writer, actor, and community organizer living in Brooklyn, New York. He's also gay and a libra just FYI. He started doing comedy in Austin, Texas in 2011 as a panic response to coming out of the closet officially and for the last time. Since then he's made a lot of cool stuff and filled his time thusly.

As a stand up, Micheal has been featured on the Crom Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Fest, and Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival. He is the co-creator of the LGBTQIA showcases Greetings, from Queer Mountain (ATX/NOLA/NYC) and Queer Film Theory 101 (ATX/NYC) with the Alamo Drafthouse Theater. 

As a writer, Micheal produced over 50 sketch shows with the group Bad Example at The New Movement theater in Austin over the course of 2014/2015. The group was featured as part of ATX Sketch Fest, Hell Yes Fest and the Dallas Comedy Festival. He performs with comedy partner Vanessa Gonzalez as the duo HANDBOMB, their short play "The Vacationers" won the Best Of Festival award in the 2014 Frontera Fringe Festival. In 2017 he wrote and performed his first autobiographical one man show "This Is How They Get You" which chronicles his time as the closeted front man of a christian screamo band. Needless to say it was a weird interesting time and the show turned out pretty great. 

Micheal has been featured in the films Meet Me There and Zero Charisma and can be seen in season 1 and 2 of the PBS show Stand Up Empire. 

Micheal's written work has been published in Slate, VICE, and TimeOut Magazine

He's willing to work for stacks of comic books but honestly he'd prefer money. It's rough out there and every little bit helps. 

Here's a list of festivals Micheal and his projects have been featured on:

Crom Comedy Festival Denver 2017

Hell Yes Festival 2015, 2016

Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival 2015, 2016, 2017

Outsider LGBTQ Fest 2016

Austin Sketch Fest 2015, 2016

Frontera Fest 2015 "Best Of Fest"

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014, 2015

Sound On Sound Fest 2016

Moontower Comedy Fest 2014, 2015