Greetings, from Queer Mountain and Queer Film Theory 101


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Micheal has been running and producing LGBTQ focused shows for over 6 years!

"Greetings, from Queer Mountain is a themed comedy, prose, and storytelling showcase created by Micheal Foulk and Ralphie Hardesty. The show is currently running in Austin, New Orleans, New York, and Oakland. The mission of the show is to provide more stage time for the LGBTQ+ voices that are often left out of heteronormative art spaces and to foster the growth and acceptance of new voices in writing, comedy, and performance.  Queer Mountain has been featured on Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Festival, Outsider Festival, SF Sketch Fest, and PBS Stand Up Empire. For more info check out the Queer Mountain Facebook page.  We want to hear your story."

Queer Film Theory 101 is a film and comedy lecture series focused on dissecting heteronormative films of our youths and pointing out the hidden queer narratives. Basically, we ruin films for straight people and yell about the characters that made us feel gay. It's fun! This show is currently running at Alamo Drafthouse in Austin and Brooklyn. For more info head to the Queer Film Theory 101 Facebook page.